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What is Life Coaching?

How Does Life Coaching Work?


  • Sessions occur over the phone, in Skype, or in person (I work out of Los Angeles). Depending on the client-coach agreement, there are a minimum of 12 sessions (1 per week) for individual coaching. Clients can work month-to-month, if desired. Each session is 45-60 minutes.

  • Through empowering questions, guided visualization, and core energy techniques, I coach you to discover greater awareness of your desires, unearth blocks that might be stopping you from reaching your goals, and establish new ‘rules’ about your life, so that you connect inner desires to outer goals.

  • As the client, you are the “master” of your plan; as a coach, I am there to facilitate that plan, guide you to greater fulfillment, and help you discover tools that empower you to reach your goals.


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