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Graduation, a new job, a career change, a new relationship--this is a book for anyone who's ready to go for it. An educator, college counselor, and life coach for over 10 years, Tenley Hardin provides an effective 7-step process to discover who you are, what you want, and how to change the world. Apply proven techniques and strategies to live with more passion and purpose, as you take that leap to live the life you always imagined! 

As an artist, writer, teacher, wife, and mother of two young girls, Claire struggles to maintain balance. Institutionalized for manic-depression as a result of her third suicide attempt, Claire is confined both in her hospital room and in her mind. However, she begins to find awareness and direction during her stay at a mental institution, mainly because she allows herself to enter her past in a way she has never before. Claire examines her childhood--how she and her siblings unrelentingly adored their mother, whose death marked the end of their innocence. But it is not until she returns to her hometown of Clare, MI to see her ailing father that she truly discovers just how deep the secrets of her childhood are. Along the way, the dark corners of her mother's past reveal the healing truth of love. In her journey to battle the idealized notions of motherhood and artistry, Claire finds purpose and inspiration in simple treasures: her children.

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