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Besides the fact that many major celebrities, athletes, and musicians have life coaches, the common reasons young adults (ages 13-22) seek life coaching are:

  • To have more confidence

  • To cope with stress

  • To create and sustain healthier relationships

  • To be more motivated

  • To discover their life purpose and passions

  • To have more energy

  • To be happier and more positive about life

  • Build a sense of trust, so that you can be honest about your feelings

  • Listen with empathy and allow you to vent

  • Provide support & allow you to be 'you'

  • Challenge you to examine your thoughts, if they're not serving you

  • Support & champion you every step of the way

  • Help you find your purposes and passions

  • Optimize your strengths

  • Practice strategies to help you cope with stress and communicate better with others

  • Help you set goals & hold you accountable

  • Answer your texts or calls within 24 hours

  • Tell you how to live your life

  • Judge you

  • Repeat any information you tell me, unless you are a danger to yourself or others

  • Let you "skate by" from week-to-week without some forward, progressive movement

  • Take sides

  • Create strategies or homework without your input

  • Focus only on your weaknesses

If you’re ready to do this and make IT happen, make YOU happen, make your life what you WANT it to be, become the DIRECTOR, and not just the actor, of YOUR life, then talk to your parents (because, after all, they want you to be happy too), and schedule a quick call with me to discover all of the other cool and fascinating things you’ll get from life coaching!


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