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When you lead with a limitless heart, you live a limitless life!


Hi! My name is Tenley Hardin, and I am the CEO and President of Limitless Heart Life Coaching, LLC. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, specializing in Intuition and Life Purpose coaching.


As a high school and college English teacher for over 10 years, I held a great passion for helping my students unlock their potential. Witnessing their “ah-ha” moments inspired me to become a life coach. Although I was currently attending a Ph.D. program in Cultural Studies at the time, I knew that I had to listen to my intuition and follow my gut. I left the Ph.D. program and attended a year-long certification program at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, where I learned Core Energy life coaching techniques based on Energy Leadership. I also completed training to become an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, in which I use the Energy Leadership Assessment developed by Bruce D Schneider. The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is based on the seven levels of energy and measures where and how your energy is either helping you or holding you back. 


I moved to Los Angeles, California in 2011 and opened Limitless Heart Life Coaching, LLC, so that I can inspire and empower people to live with passion and purpose. For the past six years, I have been helping clients deeply explore their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so that they gain awareness and awaken their own potential. I recently attained a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and am working on my hours to become a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of California.


While I’ll always be an ‘east-coaster’ at heart, I absolutely love living in the great state of California. When I’m not busy living my dream as a life coach and educator, I'm a full-time mom of two incredible daughters and wife to another 'east-coaster.' 


  • B.A. Theatre - University of Michigan (2001)

  • M.A. English - Belmont University (2005)

  • M.A. Teaching - Belmont University (2009)

  • M.A. Clinical Psychology - Pepperdine (2021)

  • High school English teacher (6 years)

  • College English teacher (5 years)

  • College Counselor (7 years)

  • Certified Professional Life Coach, iPEC (10 years)

  • Master Practitioner Energy Leadership Index

  • Tennis coach

  • Novelist

  • Singer/Songwriter

I empower clients to listen to their intuition and find their joy! 



I love helping others engage in life with greater passion and purpose. 

A limitless heart means just that -- a heart with no limits. At the end of the day, a limitless heart is truly what brings us the most joy, peace, and bliss. By opening your heart to the endless possibilities that abound, you allow for greater goodness to literally pour into your life. In doing so, you can live with great passion and depth, as opposed to the often passive and numbing existence many of us have grown accustomed to and accepted as our fates.


While opening your heart might seem like a big risk, one that only makes you feel more vulnerable to those who prey and manipulate out of fear, the ultimate reward of living directly from your heart is worth it. You live from your soul--from the place that speaks to you at times when you need it the most. When you live with an open heart, you surrender, allow, receive, accept, and trust your greatest asset: your intuition. With intuition, anything, and I mean, anything is possible. Pain can be eradicated. Fear can be destroyed. Sadness can be wiped away. The heart is that powerful.


Your heart will guide you exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time to exactly the right person. So, open your heart, discover your soul, hear the whispers of your intuition, and live the limitless life you were destined to live!

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